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Treaty Research: Home

A Quick Guide to Beginning Treaty Research Resources.

Database Access

Many resources listed in these guides require University of Denver or University of Denver Sturm College of Law IP addresses for access. Other resources, such as Westlaw and Lexis, require individual user accounts and passwords.


This guide is designed to help law students, practitioners, and members of the public conduct basic research into Treaties. Please remember that this guide is not an exhaustive list of materials or resources.

Wherever possible, Westminster Law Library resources have been identified by title and call number. In addition, effort has made to identify publicly-accessible resources instead of, or in additional to, more restricted or commercial databases.

If you would like more information on any resource, click the to the right of the resource name.




(2) General Treaty Resources

Focuses generally on resources available online, including United Nations resources and other resources available on the free web, includes a U.N. RSS feed. Also includes references to print materials available at Westminster Law Library.


(3) U.S. Treaty Information

Includes only U.S.-specific information and resources. Available online resources include those available to DU students via HeinOnline and those made publicly available by the United States government. Select treaty texts and treatises are also available in print form at Westminster Law Library and are described and referenced in this tab. For additional material potentially (though not necessarily) involving the United States with respect to a particular subject, users are invited to review the Treaty Resources by Specialized Topic.


(4) Treaty Resources by Specialized Topic

Provides information about a variety of specialized treaty collections available in print at Westminster Law Library, including those relating to Economics, Environmental Law, Human Rights, Arbitration, and Intellectual Property. Also included are lists and brief descriptions of online resources pertaining to the following subjects: Arbitration, Free Trade & Investment; Environmental Law; Human Rights; Native Americans; and Taxes.


(5) Treaty Resources by Region

Includes links to select additional treaty resources/databases based on geographic region that did not specifically fit into any of the previous tabs.


(6) You Know/You Need

This tab recommends particular resources based on the information you already have and what information it is that you are looking for. Many of the resources listed here can also be found under a topic/region-specific tab or box.


For basic general information on Treaty Research, including terminology, refer to the American Society of International Law (ASIL) guide.

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