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Certification Class 2013: United Nations: Home


The United Nations is an inter-governmental organization dedicated to promoting peace and security among nations and developing global efforts to fight economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems.  It was established on October 24, 1945 with the ratification of the UN Charter by a majority of member states.

Founding Documents

The United Nations has three founding documents:

1. UN Charter: This document acts like a constitution for the UN.

2. Statute of the International Court of Justice: This document lays out the roles, responsibilities and procedures of the ICJ.

3. Universal Declaration of Human Rights: This is a list of rights that the UN believes belong to all people. It is also available in over 300 different languages at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, a subsidiary of the UN. 

Types of Documents

The main types of documents published by the UN are:
1) Press releases
2) Official records: reports, resolutions, records of proceedings of the main bodies, selected major conferences  (GAOR, SCOR,  ESCOR, TCOR)
3) Masthead documents: working documents--provisional records of meetings, reports, notes, studies, drafts, etc.

4) Sales publications

  • publications for purchase to inform the public about the work of the UN
  • available through the online catalog 
  • Sample sales number: E.95.XVII.6
  • Examples include Yearbook of the UN & UN Chronicle


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In order to receive the Certificate in Research Skills for Practice, you must complete assignments from six of the certification classes you attend. The assignment for the UN class is due two-three weeks from the day you attended the session.

Email the assignment to Karina Condra at Please put you name on the assignment and in the file name.